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6 Dog Breeds Just Perfect for Older Adults

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Photo by Akarawut from Shutterstock
  1. Pug

Who doesn’t love the cute squishy face of a pug? For seniors, Pugs are recommended due to their light weight, between 14-18 pounds but also their cheerful personalities.


Due to their short hair, Pugs do not require high maintenance in terms of grooming. In addition, you don’t have to groom them as often as Pomeranians, for instance. Also, they are not big fans of exercise, so owners don’t have to worry about that either. The only aspect owners need to pay extra attention to is to constantly clean the folds near their eyes.


Pugs are couch potatoes. Therefore, they’ll trade a run in the park with snuggling on the sofa in the blink of an eye. If you’re worried about them lying on bed all day long, just know that Pugs love to follow their human friend everywhere. So, if you have various chores around the house, be sure they’ll be right next to you.

For seniors who love to spend time indoors, Pugs are the perfect canine companions.


Don’t let the cheerful and silly face of a Pug fool you. Sure, they can be funny and all, but they can also become little rascals, trashing the place in search of treats the minute you walk out the door. Fortunately, with the right training, they can easily be set on the right track.

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