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6 Dog Breeds Just Perfect for Older Adults

Photo by Egora_Shmanko on Shutterstock
  1. Pomeranian

If you live in an apartment, small dogs might be a better option, when considering getting a canine companion. And what smaller and cuter dog than a Pomeranian?

Pomeranians usually weigh around 3-7 pounds, which means they can be easily picked up when needed. They are loyal, affectionate and moderately energetic.


Their cuteness matches their need for grooming. Pomeranians require regular brushing so that their fur stays shiny and free of tangles and mats.


Pomeranians might seem energetic, given their barking and all, but they only require moderate exercise, both physically and mentally. Going for a short walk and playing outside for about half an hour should keep them in check, which is exactly what seniors also need.


If you’re thinking of getting a Pomeranian, keep in mind that such a breed can be a little bit stubborn. This means they might need a bit more training to make sure they see eye to eye with their owners.

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