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6 Dog Breeds Just Perfect for Older Adults

Photo by Olga_i from shutterstock.com
  1. West Highland White Terrier

Last, but definitely not least, on our list of perfect dog breeds for seniors is the West Highland White Terrier. They are gentle, affectionate and extremely loyal, protecting and devoting their time to their owners.


In terms of grooming, Westies need to be brushed every day and taken to grooming appointments regularly. However, they are among the easiest fluffy dogs to maintain and groom, making them an ideal option for seniors who love dogs with fluffy coats.


Westies need around two walks a day to stay in shape. Not that big of a deal if you get to reap the benefits of having a loyal companion for the rest of your life.


Interestingly, before being domesticated, West Highland White Terriers were hunting dogs. Their hunting dog skills remained ingrained in their DNA and this explains their astuteness and individuality. Nonetheless, they are now rather easy to train and turn into disciplined dogs.

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