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6 Dog Breeds Just Perfect for Older Adults

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Image By drazenphoto From Envato Elements
  1. Shih Tzu

Another dog breed that has made it onto our top 6 best breeds for older adults is the friendly Shih Tzu. They are loyal, gentle, caring and very sociable, making them perfect for seniors but also their family members, such as grandchildren.

Shih Tzu’s may be small, namely 9-16 pounds, but the bond they create with their owners is extremely powerful.


Shih Tzu’s require daily walks as well as regular grooming and cleaning if their face and eyes. Depending on the length of their fur, they can be moderate or high maintenance.


Shih Tzu’s require two or three walks, totaling around 70 minutes a day. They are big fans of short walks, something seniors also love to do.


Compared to other small dog breeds, Shih Tzu’s do not require heavy training. They usually don’t bark as much as other small dogs, which is perfect when sharing a space with an older adult. They need to be walked daily, for short distances. What more can you ask of a dog?

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