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6 Problematic Dog Breeds You Should Stay Away From, According to Vets

Problematic Dog Breed
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Is YOUR pup in the “problematic dog breed” category?

People have always debated whether purebred dogs are the way to go or if you’re better off getting a mixed-breed dog. But the truth is that dogs are individuals.

Even among problematic dog breeds that often have health problems, you can still find healthy dogs that live long and happy lives.

And you can get a dog from ancestors that have been health-tested for generations, and the poor pup can still have genetic concerns.

The bottom line is that every living creature is subject to diverse genetic and health issues.

And the truth is that sometimes you have to know a lot about dog breeds to see the difference between a severe problem and minor issues, and the people who create these lists online usually don’t qualify as experts.

On the other hand, you also have many platforms that preach aggressiveness in certain breeds and say that you could put your life in danger if you bring certain pups into your home (pitbulls seem to have gotten the worst rep of them all).

Well, we’ve decided to lay all the rumors to rest and went to the experts, who, by the way, had a lot to share.

According to veterinarians, the following are 6 problematic dog breeds they would NEVER adopt and why. Is your beloved pooch on this list?

Note: Of course, if you’re looking to rescue or adopt a dog, Cute Animal Planet believes that you SHOULD give these animals a loving home, as long as you have the time, capacity, and space to truly care for them.

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