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7 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Become Obese Overnight

Did you know that these dog breeds are prone to obesity?

A lot of us end up looking at overweight pups and thinking they are cute; this, however, doesn’t mean that they are healthy. It happens too often that a dog we consider healthy-looking is actually obese for their breed, and those who we consider too skinny to be athletic are actually of normal weight!

It is easy to fall into the trap of feeding your dog way too much or getting them used to receiving treats more often than they should. And generally, if they do get an adequate amount of exercise, it should not be a problem. Yet, there are certain breeds that are known to be prone to obesity and to getting fat really fast!

Be it that they just love to eat and are foodies, or that they cannot get as much exercise as other breeds of dogs, we have gathered the breeds that are most prone to getting fat easily and explained why here, so you know what to be on the lookout for before you get your new family friend!

Let us know if you knew about these breeds being prone to obesity before in the comments!

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