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8 Rare Dog Breeds You Won’t Believe Are Real

Photo by Ragil nur azis from shutterstock.com

#8 Telomian

The Telomian’s rarity can be linked to the fact that it was initially bred by Malaysia’s remote Orang Asli people, who used these dogs to benefit their community. The Telomian is a tiny to standard-sized dog renowned for rat and snake hunting. It has a striking similarity to other breeds of highly specialized terriers.

Every Telomian may be recognized by their characteristic black masks, and their most distinctive feature is likely their skillful paws, which they evolved to be capable of climbing the ladders needed to go to the raised Orang Asli homes.

These unusual canines are found in limited numbers in the United States, but not enough for them to be eligible for membership in the American Kennel Club. The Telomian is a less domesticated dog breed than the majority of dog breeds, which makes them more challenging to incorporate into a typical family.

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