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8 Rare Dog Breeds You Won’t Believe Are Real

Photo by Aubord Dulac from shutterstock.com

#5 New Guinea Singing Dog

As one of the few rare dog breeds that have never been fully domesticated, the New Guinea singing dog stands out among the other rare dog breeds. They are called like this because they interact with one another by howling in beautiful, eerie tones. They also employ a variety of growls and howls that cover an astounding range in pitch and tenor.

Up until recently, it was thought that the only surviving members of this species were the 200 or so animals that were kept in zoos and wildlife refuges; as a result of the lack of diversity in such a small breeding population, domesticated specimens of this breed were becoming inbred. The possibility exists that these enigmatic dogs may be much more common given that a 2016 expedition in New Guinea discovered a population of roughly 15 of them in isolated highland areas.

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