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8 Rare Dog Breeds You Won’t Believe Are Real

Photo by Aneta Jungerova from shutterstock.com

#6 Mudi

The Mudi is evidence that rarity doesn’t have to be an obstacle to receiving official recognition from major kennel clubs. The Mudi, the youngest of Hungary’s three varieties of herding dogs, has drawn some interest as a rescue dog in Finland and as a companion across North America.

Despite having a history dating back to the nineteenth century, many of the dogs were exterminated when the Nazis invaded and occupied Hungary in World War II. This breed has recovered from the verge of extinction thanks to conscious conservation measures, and its number has increased to a few thousand. Even though it was still uncommon, this dog was able to win American Kennel Club approval in 2022.

This dog breed may be trained to be an all-purpose assistant and is incredibly adaptable, intelligent, and alert. These courageous Hungarian ranch dogs are great for handling even the most uncooperative and difficult animals. The breed is regarded as being devoted, protective, and non-aggressive. They also make wonderful domestic pets.

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