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WARNING: These 9 Dog Breeds Shed The Most Fur

Be prepared to vacuum fur daily if you get any of these dog breeds!

Not all dog breeds are the same, and while we have been discussing their attitudes, how active they can be, how loud they can be, and even which are the most expensive breeds to own, we have not yet talked about how much fur they shed.

And while there are a lot of animal lovers who will tell you that they do not mind the fur—after all, any animal with fur will shed—sometimes it is better to know what to expect. As not only will you have to deal with the shed fur, but this also means that your future pet will need more time and care put into its grooming.

Not to mention, some owners are concerned about potential allergies, sometimes because of themselves and sometimes because of certain family members. Either way, fur shedding is an important topic, and for some, it is something to look into when looking for your next pet’s breed!

Read along as we have gathered here some of the breeds that are known for shedding, and believe us, some of them you would have never guessed they leave so much fur behind!

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