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WARNING: These 9 Dog Breeds Shed The Most Fur

Image By Natalia Fedosova From Shutterstock

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

We hope you did not think that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi would not be included on the list. After all, since their tailed cousins are included, they cannot miss either since they are related!

All jokes aside, corgis were originally cattle drivers, which meant that their coats needed to be sustainable when faced with the rainy and cold English weather. This is why their coats are so thick and why they end up shedding a lot of fur, so you have to be prepared for it if you want to add one to your family!

We know all of the dogs on our list are adorable, but you need to know what to expect before the shedding takes you by surprise!

And shedding isn’t the only thing you should take into consideration when it comes to getting a dog, especially if you are approaching retirement age! If you know you will not be able to match high levels of energy, make sure you read about the most energetic dog breeds out there!

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