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6 Scary Diseases Your Beloved Pets Might Give You

Unfortunately, your furry (or scaley) friend can actually end up giving you a pretty bad disease!

It couldn’t all be just fun and roses when it came to owning a pet.  And we are not talking about the fact that you are basically having a child that is furry because you have to take care of them almost constantly when they are small, but rather that they can also expose us to some nasty diseases if we are not careful!

There are a few diseases and parasites that you can get from your pets, be they cats, dogs, or even fish, that are going to surprise you! While some of them you may have heard of, others will surprise you, and some of them you may have never thought you could get from an animal!

Let us know if your pet passed anything on to you or if you were one of the lucky ones!

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