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SOS! 7 Wild Animals on the Brink of Extinction

Photo by Eckhard Lietzow from Shutterstock

#4 Parrots

If there is one animal that you would not think is endangered, it would probably be a parrot. Yet, what most of us do not know is the fact that about 52 parrot species are either endangered or critically endangered.

The Cape parrot is just one of them, and they are native to South Africa, but they are no longer as often seen as they used to be. There are only 2,000 of them alive in the wild, which gave them the name of Africa’s rarest parrots, yet this is considered weird by researchers as there are various other parrot species in Africa that are in the same situation.

The reason they are so endangered is that the yellowwood forests where these Cape parrots live have been deforested for years. And while conservation efforts have been made, scientists have said that unless South Africa protects at least 18% of these forests, there is no chance the Cape parrot will rebuild its population.

Who knew? Soon, we may never see some species of parrots again.

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