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SOS! 7 Wild Animals on the Brink of Extinction

Photo by Thinker360 at Shutterstock

#5 Tigers

You probably knew that tigers are an endangered species, but what you didn’t know is that all six of the tiger species that roam the earth are in danger of becoming extinct. Two of them, the South China and Sumatran ones, are in the critical category.

The South China tiger is already thought to be “functionally extinct,” as no one has seen one in the wild in the last 25 years. And the rest are slowly creeping up to share the same fate.

With only around 3,800 tigers living in the wild, we are risking the complete extinction of this beautiful big feline. All because people have invaded and destroyed their habitats, as well as hunting them for “fun,” for their fur and skin, and out of pure greed.

Next time you see that “documentary,”  The Tiger King, remember that those tigers were taken away from their homes in the wild, made to reproduce, and then used for entertainment. We don’t know what is crueler.

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