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SOS! 7 Wild Animals on the Brink of Extinction

Image By Sandra M. Austin From Shutterstock

#7 North American bumblebee

The North American bumblebee, scientifically known as Bombus fraternus, is a bumblebee species native to the United States. Not only have you seen it before around the country, but you probably know it by its common name, the Southern Plains bumblebee.

The sad thing about this fuzzy insect is the fact that soon we may not be able to see any of them around. We are all aware that the bee population has been slowly decreasing in recent years, and the bumblebees are in the exact same situation.

Actually, ever since 1805, the bee and bumblebee population has been declining rapidly, and scientists and researchers have warned us that if this decline keeps going at the same rate (or the rate accelerates), in 90 years this species of bumblebee will no longer exist.

So if you have a home with a backyard, think twice about the type of pesticide you use!

And if you’re wondering what animals we never got to see ever, here are some of the most gorgeous animals that no human managed to get a glimpse of!

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