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7 Best Small Exotic Pets for Apartment Living

Photo by torook at Shutterstock

#7 Tarantulas

A tarantula can be handled if you have a spirit of adventure. They are an excellent option because they are quiet, easy to maintain, clean, and require very little room.

But since both the crickets you’ll be feeding and the tarantula have escape methods, you must be extremely cautious.

Because tarantulas are dangerous to handle and many people are afraid of them, if yours disappears, you will have a lot of problems with your neighbors. The fact that tarantulas are easily harmed makes them unfit for handling.

For tarantulas to remain healthy and at a good weight, just like for any animal, exercise is necessary. These spiders do not, however, require a lot of physical activity. They should be capable of getting the activity they need as long as their enclosure provides enough room for them to wander around and climb.

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