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9 Adorable Cat Breeds That Love to Cuddle With You

Photo by Serita Vossen from shutterstock.com

#8 Ragdoll

The Ragdoll, a breed that first appeared in California in the 1960s, is the ideal lap cat. Ragdolls are the perfect choice for those looking for a cuddly, low-maintenance furry friend because they are loving by nature.

Ragdolls are a Persian-Berman hybrid, and their name refers to the way they tend to flop over when picked up and hugged. The bright blue eyes and puffy coats of ragdolls are their trademark features. They are perfect for households with kids or other pets because of their kind and compassionate personalities, and their meowing that is so soft and delicate that it will steal your heart.

You’ll struggle to find a sweeter cat than the Ragdoll if you’re searching for one who will follow you everywhere and welcome you whenever you get home.

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