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9 Adorable Cat Breeds That Love to Cuddle With You

Photo by bunnygraphy from shutterstock.com

#7 Maine Coon

Family-oriented Maine Coons like spending time with their owners. Huge in stature and character, these gentle giants adore interacting with people and prefer to be near the hub of activity.

The gentle and sweet-tempered Maine Coon enjoys playing, chasing, and going on hunts. Maine Coons are non-aggressive, extremely clever, and curious cats that get along well with both people and other animals.

You already know how gentle and enormous Maine Coon cats are. Even though they are undoubtedly giants, they are also undoubtedly kind. No matter what you are doing, or if you have children, no matter what they are doing, a Maine Coon is going to be kind.

The Maine Coon enjoys cuddles and quality time and will take any opportunity to be noticed.

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