7 Dog Breeds Way too Energetic for Seniors

Is your dream pup may be too energetic for your age?

We all have that one dream pup we would love to own. And a lot of us leave getting a puppy for when we end up retiring, as we will have more time. Yet, not all the puppies we may have in mind may be the best fit for us.

It doesn’t sound the best, but we have to take into consideration that we aren’t as young as we once were and getting a high energy dog, when we may not be able to match that level of energy, is setting ourselves up for failure. Not only would it be bad for us, but it would also do a disservice to the dog.

In order to avoid getting in such a situation, we have gathered some of the most loved dog breeds that are a bit too high energy for seniors, so you can make an informed decision when you are considering the breeds for your new family member!

Let us know if your favorite breed was on our list in the comments!

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