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The Top 6 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Most of the time, when we are wondering if a dog is smart or not, we actually want to ask if it is trainable or not. It is true that intelligence is very important when deciding if a dog is capable of learning, but each breed has its own characteristics such as personality, genetics, instinctive drives, distractibility, and many others.

These traits can determine the trainability of a dog. Some breeds are better at working in a team with humans, while others prefer to do everything independently. So, if you want to get along with your canine friend and enjoy the training sessions, you have to consider all of these things.

To wrap things up, it is clear that there are some breeds that are easier to train than others, and that’s why we compiled this list. Stay with us if you want to find out what the most trainable dog breeds are!

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