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8 Dog Breeds That Would Guard You With Their Life

guard dog
Image By Rita_Kochmarjova From Shutterstock

American Staffordshire terrier

The AmStaff, one of several pit-bull breeds, is friendly, lively, and energetic. According to the AKC, these dogs love constant mental stimulation and have very big, bubbly personalities.

They also demand a lot of physical exercise, although they might overheat in hot weather and aren’t good swimmers. AmStaffs are robust and powerful, weighing between 50 and 80 pounds once fully grown, and have a history of being “immune” to pain.

Most AmStaffs now live as gentle, peaceful family members. They have a great reputation and are suitable for a variety of roles, including police work and guarding. 

AmStaffs require intensive training and socialization due to the breed’s long record as a fighting dog and its inherent desire to hunt. This is especially recommended when they live with children or other animals.

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