8 Dog Breeds That Would Guard You With Their Life

Dogs have been well-known for protecting their humans since ancient times. Dogs are still a very common pick for watching our loved ones and property since our demands for safety, friendship, and devotion haven’t changed much since then.

While watchdogs will usually just bark to alert their owners in case they sense an intruder, guard dogs will not hesitate to bite or otherwise fight against any threats. These canines have developed a protective instinct for their family that has been refined over several hundred years, and that makes them what they are today.

So, if you want a dog for protection, you should respect this dog as you would any other pet. Don’t chain it up or lock it in the basement or yard. Even the most terrifying canines are still vulnerable creatures that rely on their owners for everything.

If you are thinking about getting a guard dog, here are some dog breeds that are generally good protectors and friends.

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