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10 Contagious Diseases Your Dog May Get in Public Places

What are some of the most contagious diseases your dog may get in public places?

As a pet owner, you hope to never see your furry friend suffer. When your four-legged friend is sick, it can be worrisome and stressful, and you may wonder whether they will be OK or not. Unfortunately, as much as we may try to prevent health issues from ever occurring, there is no way to truly put a stop to the contagious diseases your dog may get.

Like humans, dogs are susceptible to a bevy of illnesses, but some infectious diseases tend to spread easier, making them even more dangerous. While medicine is continually making advances for both humans and animals and many of these diseases aren’t as common as they once were, as a dog owner, you should still be aware of any viruses your furry friend may be exposed to.

Whether it’s the daycare kennel, the dog park, or elsewhere, here are 10 contagious diseases your dog may get in public spaces!

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