The 7 Most Independent Dog Breeds

Photo by Soloviova Liudmyla from Shutterstock

The perfect scenario that we all want to be true would be for us and our pets to always be together, snuggle on the couch, go for walks outside, and spend all of our days by each other’s sides. Unfortunately, this can’t be possible because of our day-to-day lives and demands, such as our jobs or other personal matters.

Or maybe you are just the aloof type, and even if you love to spend time with your pet, you don’t want it to be clingy and always follow you around. In this case, most people would say, “Why don’t you just adopt a cat?.” But what happens if you want a dog? Well, that’s why we are here!

Dogs, like humans, have different personalities. Some are more distant and cold, while others would want to be with you at any given time. If you feel like your future dog needs to be part of the first category, we have great news for you. Here is a list of the most independent dog breeds that know how to take care of themselves when you are not around.