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Flying With Pets: 7 Rules to Know Before Your Next Trip

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2. Get your pet used to the kennel before the trip

If you think that you will just put your buddy in the kennel and they will be fine with it, you need to know that it is not that easy. Don’t expect them to like it from the beginning. Imagine that you move to a new house. Do you get used to it that easily? Probably not. This is kind of the same for your pet.

Buy the kennel a month or two before the trip and keep it open somewhere in the house. You can also put a bowl of food inside. In this way, your friend will learn that there is no danger there. Everything is safe, and they don’t have anything to be afraid of. If you do this more times per week, your pet will be more comfortable in the kennel during the flight.

Are you worried about the potty breaks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read more on the next page.

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